Watermarks - How To

How to add a watermark to your images.

Select an image

  1. In the "Basic Fixes" tab, left click "Text"
  2. Click anywhere in the image on the right and start typing
  3. To enter more than one line of text just use the "Enter" or "Return" key on your keyboard
  4. A rounded edge box will appear around your text (this box will not be visible when you finish)
  5. To move the text, left click on the rounded edge box and drag the text where you want it
  6. To change the font, use the drop down box labelled "Font"
  7. To change the colour of the Text, click the circle next to the Grey T, this brings up an eyedropper which allows you to pick a colour in your image or use the pop-up box to choose your colour
  8. If you just want your text to be an outline (not solid) click the white box with a red line through it
  9. To change the colour of the text OUTLINE, click on the "hollow" T to the right of the white box with the red line
  10. To make the outline thicker or thinner use the slider next to the hollow T
  11. You can have solid colour text with a different colour outline by using a combination of the above buttons and sliders
  12. To change the size, rotate and make the text opaque see below
  13. When you are happy with your watermark click Apply
  14. Don't forget to EXPORT or save the image with the watermark when you upload it

To change the size of the text there are two options:

  1. Use the Size drop down under the Font drop down


  1. Hover your mouse over the MIDDLE of the text you have placed and a circle will appear with an orange dot to the right. Click and drag the orange dot to SCALE the text  up and down as required.
  2. TIP. If you only want to scale the text and not accidentally rotate it, press and hold the left CTRL key on your keyboard.
To rotate the text, hover the mouse near the middle of the text and a circle will appear with an orange dot to the right. Click and drag the orange dot to stretch and rotate the text.

Once you have your chosen text, at the right size, with the right font and in the right place - click and drag the Transparency slider to around 60%. This makes the watermark less visible and thus allows the viwere to see the image better, while still protecting your image.

Try to place the watermark near the centre of the image if possible as this will be the most difficult to remove or crop out.
If you want to place a copyright watermark it MUST be in this format: "© 2010 R HORSFIELD" the year is the date of creation, followed by your name.

TIP: to get a © symbol...
Press and hold the left ALT key (the one to the left of the space bar)
Using the right hand numeric keypad (not the numbers at the top of the keypad) type 0169
Release the ALT key and a neat little © symbol appears!