Perfecting White Balance

No matter how much you prepare, sometimes the white balance in an image just isn't right.
Luckily, Picasa has a great tool for adjusting this and it's quick and easy to do.

Here we go:
  • Select an image
  • Click the "Tuning" tab
  • You will see an option to use a "Neutral Colour Picker" (aka White Balance)
  • Click the eye dropper to start
  • Click on the image where it should be white (or 50% grey)
  • You will see the colours change (if you are happy with this then you are finished)
  • The eye dropper will close
A hidden method is to click and drag the eye dropper around on the image, as this gives you more option to get it right first time. Once happy with the new colours release the mouse and the eye dropper will close.

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