Doubling the effect

When applying the Picasa "Tuning" effects it would appear that you can only apply them to a maximum of 100%.
However, it is possible to redo the "Tuning" effects more than once until you achieve the effects you desire.


It's pretty simple really.

Choose an image, select it and go into the "Edit" mode.
Select the "Tuning" tab.
Slide any of the Highlight, Shadow or Fill Light fully to the right.
Click on the Basic Fixes tab, then
Select the "Tuning" tab and you will be able to redo any of the Highlight, Sadow or Fill Light sliders fully again.

Here's an example of a full colour image, converted to Filtered B&W and then 150% Highlighted and 150% Shadow - to create a high-key effect.
High Key lit from below

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