Full Page Manual Slideshow, Scroller

Here's an interesting little feature that I havent seen posted anywhere.

  • In "normal" view (folders on the left and thumbnails on the right)
  • Hover your mouse over any thumbnail in any folder
  • Press and hold "Alt Gr" (right hand side of you keyboard space bar) and
  • Scroll your mouse wheel or
  • Press the left & right arrows keys on the keyboard
  • (remember to keep the "Alt Gr" key pressed)

This allows you to scroll fullscreen through the contents of the folder!
You do NOT need to click on the thumbnail or folder, just hover on it.

1 comment:

Eric Gouda said...

this is not really a slide show this way, because you miss all the nice transitions between the images. What you really need is the possibility to set the image duration to infinite or 0 and use the arrows to go the the next image