Picasa for Mac's?

Some people may not know that you can get a mac version of Picasa!
Simply click here and download: Picasa for Mac

It's pretty much the same as the PC version, so get editing!

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tennismama said...

I just installed Picasa on my first Mac. Opened my new Mac version of Photoshop CS6 and Picasa .... ready to be super efficient. BUT NO! I find I am unable to select a file in Picasa and drag/drop it into Photoshop. I had been using these two programs seamlessly on my PC, but now I find that all the tagging I had one on my PC in Picasa was wasted if I cannot use Picasa to locate what I want/need and just drop it directly onto my Photoshop workspace. HELP! What's the trick to make Picasa work in Mac the way it works on a PC?