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What section of Picasa would you like me to focus on next?
Is there something you want to know?
Confused by all the new buttons and sections?

Just let me know by adding a comment below this post and I will create a personalised tutorial just for you :)


westernnc said...

Hello -
Yours is the best Picasa Tutorial I have found. I have a very simple question that either doesn't exist or is burried under tons of other information in Google's help section.
What I would like to be able to do, is to magnify a section of a photo, say one flower out of a field, save the image (without changing the source file) then save those to their own folder for later use in production work.

I am a great fan of hot keys, so if there was a way to "program" Picasa to do this (similar to batching) but just to hit a key without so many mouse clicks I would be a happy man.

Any clues?
PS. I am on Picasa 3.something

Kazam Media said...

Thanks for the kind words about the tutorials, much appreciated :)

I think this may be what you want to achieve:

1. Choose your image
2. Select "Crop" and crop in on the area you want to highlight, when happy with your crop click "Apply"
3. In the bottom left of Picasa there is the "Selection" window and you will see a small thumbnail of your cropped image.
4. To the right of the "Selection" window you will see a "green pin". Click the green pin to hold it.
5. Repeat the above steps for all the images you want to use.
6. Once you have chosen all your images (and held them in the selection area), choose "Export" and export them to a new folder of your choice.
7. Once the cropped images have been exported do the following:
a. Double click on the first image in the "selection" area
b. Edit the image and select "Undo Crop" to return the image to its original state
c. Click the next image in the "selection" area and repeat the "Undo Crop"
d. do this for all the images in the "Selection" area

Once you have undone all the crops, you can highlight all the images in the "selection" area and click the "Red Circle" (to the right of this area) which will clear your selection.

You will now have the original images, plus a selection of crops of the parts you want.

Unfortunately there is not a way to use hot-keys to batch program this facility.

Hope that helps, if you need any further details just let me know.